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    The Political Science major is designed to enlighten students about the concept of government as well as all that the notion of governance implies including the origin, emergence, integration, transformation, and decline of political communities as well as their institutions and the rules and practices by which they resolve conflicts and make decisions. It involves an examination of the public policies of communities and the manner in which these policies relate to each other.

    In addition, Political Science in conjunction with other academic programs, offers majors in Politics and International Affairs and Politics and Law. Both majors earn B.A. degrees.


    Students may minor in Political Science by taking 18 hours of coursework in the relevant discipline.

    Social Studies Teacher Certification

    Students preparing for a career in social studies education at the secondary level may choose this option.

    Lutheran College Washington Semester

    Under this program, students participate in a work/study program in Washington, D.C. Students complete two seminar courses and an internship. The program emphasizes the ethical dimension of important questions of public affairs.

    American University Washington Semester

    Students in this program spend a semester in residence at American University enrolled in one of eight programs. Students complete two seminar courses, an individual research project, and an additional course or internship. > More

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    Political Science

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